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Saving energy means cutting cost!



The problem: increasing cost pressure in the garment industry.

By relocating production plants increasingly further away from Europe
and North America and with raw material prices falling, the garment industry
until recently was in a position to continuously reduce production
Now this development has reached a limit:
• Lowering wages
-->hardly possible any more
• Lowering costs of material
--> very small potential
• Lowering energy costs
huge potential exemplarily shown on Double Legger machine:
• 8 hours operating time; € 7.50 cost for steam (€ 0.05 per kg)
• at two shifts:
--> savings of up to € 1,320 per year
--> complete trouser line up to € 13,000 per year



The VEIT eMotion package is based on 4 elements:


1. Energy box: contains the central steam conditioning and distribution.
2. Machine-specific isolation is the key for further savings. Less radiation heat lowers the A/C cost and improves the comfort for the operator.
3. An intelligent, programmable controller regulates the steam supply. Only the needed amount of steam is fed into the system.
During stand-by, heating is reduced in several steps. Still, it is possible to resume work immediately.
4. A central remote control unit manages all eMotion machines via WLAN.




  • Please note:

In the future all garment manufacturers will have to declare the CO2-emission used during the production process. VEIT guarantees optimal low emissions and makes you ready for the future.



VEIT eMotion „Retrofit-Kit“

In order to realize huge savings also with older machines or competitors‘ machines, we created a retrofit kit. With some easy alterations, it is possible to save up to 40 % on your existing machines! The VEIT eMotion Retrofit Kit contains all necessary parts to retrofit a machine with VEIT eMotion.


No matter what machines you are using we help you to lower your energy costs drastically!

Machines of the VEIT eMotion Series:

BRI-1220 Front and Back Finish Pressing Machine

BRI-1220 Front and Back Finish Pressing Machine 

120° Carrousel Finish Pressing Machine for front and back parts of men's jackets. Suitable up to a production of 250 pcs./day.
BRI-222 VC Double Legger Pressing Machine

BRI-222 VC Double Legger Pressing Machine 

Double Legger Pressing Machine
Tunnel Finisher VEIT 8657

Tunnel Finisher VEIT 8657 

The VEIT modular system for Tunnel Finisher enables us to design each system based on the requirements of the customer.


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