VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher






The VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher is a revolutionary concept for sizing and finishing of all types of knit tops. The machine will accommodate polo-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and other similar garments (long and short sleeves), and produce a consistent high quality mark-free finish.

With the VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher, all areas of the garment are carefully finished due to the precise design of the form.

  • Hems are flat finished without marks on the outer face of the fabric
  • Perfectly pressed side seams which are placed precisely on the form (to the back or the front of the garment as required)
  • Clamp for holding collar and neck neatly in place throughout the finishing process
  • Shoulder and armhole seams rest perfectly on the body form for optimal finish results

Your results with the VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher will be a defined and flat pressed look ready for folding or packaging - no touch-up work is necessary.


  • Substantial High Productivity (increased output of up to 300 % - 75 shirts per hour with a single machine compared to 25 shirts per hour with conventional steam and vacuum tables).
  • Sizing is accurately controlled to exact body width and length specifications as a result of the flexibility of the machine.
  • No skilled operators are necessary due to the easy operation of the machine.
  • Automatic seam clamping saves time with the placement of the garment.
  • This machine was specially designed for the finishing of knitwear.


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