Multiform Finisher VEIT 8363 Basic


Multiform Finisher VEIT 8363 Basic



Benefits in brief:

  • Perfect bust for finishing almost any outer wear garment
  • High temperature and blowing power for use in wet cleaning
  • Height adjustment of bust via operating panel
  • Re-stretching device for elimination of persistent wrinkles
  • Electronic control of blowing power
  • Removable lapel clamp for perfect adjustment to the garment







The value-for-money VEIT 8363 Multiformfinisher Basic is designed for use in dry cleaning shops. It is suitable for almost any type of outer wear garment, in particular for jackets and blousons, but also for sports jackets and coats. As compared to its predecessor model, drying power is much higher now. Therefore, this new generation is very suitable for wet cleaning.

The gapless form bust with three-dimensional tensioning options adapts to the shape and cut of any type of garment easily. Unwanted condensate is avoided thanks to the fiber reinforced plastic parts. Shoulder width can be ideally adjusted to the garment to be finished (range from to 320 to 520 mm / 12.5 - 20.5 inch). Garments with a length of 620 – 1420 mm can be finished. For coats an extension of 200 mm (7.8 inch) can be mounted.

You can easily height-adjust the bust via the operating panel, activating a pneumatic cylinder. The standard re-stretching function will help remove even persistent wrinkles.

The removable lapel clamp permits an easy adjustment according to the garment to be finished.

The hem tensioning unit works pneumatically and is spring mounted to avoid an overstretching of the garment.

The machine is operated by two foot pedals and an operating panel where all the parameters can be adjusted. Blowing power is controlled electronically and can be easily regulated via the operating panel. 

Use this machine to finish your outer garments in all common sizes, cuts and materials efficiently and at a high quality standard.


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