AX 450 Fusing Machine Compact Class






The compact multi-purpose fusing machine AX 450 is the ideal solution for fusing a wide variety of interlinings and face fabrics. One side of the AX 450 is open to allow partial fusing. This is particularly useful for fusing of smaller areas on larger fabric pieces. The working width of 450 mm / 17.72 inch is, however, sufficient for fusing of front panels of a jacket or other larger components.

The machine is equipped with two separate arched upper and lower heating zones which heat-up the synchronised driven belts. The temperature adjustment is infinitely variable. The pressure device is mechanically adjustable and ensures optimum bond strength between interlining and fabric.

The pressure system

A spring-loaded pressure system allows the AX 450 to operate independent from the air supply or hydraulics. The specific fusing pressure is infinitely adjustable up to a maximum value of 33 N/cm². For fusing of pressure sensitive fabrics without linear pressure, the silicone coated pressure rollers can be set with a corresponding gap.

The Control Panel

A remarkable feature in this machine of this class is the precise control of the essential parameters:

  • Monitoring of heating system
  • Monitoring of belt control
  • Monitoring of drive motor
  • Monitoring of set and actual temperature

The control panel instantly shows any irregularities in these processes in order to avoid incorrect fusing and time-consuming trouble shooting.



Unloading Slide AX 450

Unloading Slide AX 450 

The exit of the AX 450 can be equipped with an unloading slide for easy removal of the fused parts.
Base Frame AX 450

Base Frame AX 450 

The machine frame can be fitted with height adjustable legs or optional transport wheels for easier moving of the AX 450.
Waistband Fusing Device AX 450

Waistband Fusing Device AX 450 

Mechanical unwinding and rewinding for waistband fusing


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