Input Batch Conveyor ET 4,5/14


VEIT Kannegiesser Input Batch Conveyor ET 5-5/14


Each operator is allocated to a synchronised loading belt. The non-continuous conveyor allows exact positioning of the parts. After activating a contact bar, the workstation conveyor transports the parts forward at high speed to a transfer belt and stops again, all in the time it takes the operator to pick up the next part. The loading station can be equipped with work aids, for example loading tables, to increase comfort and productivity.


  • Elimination of the time for the additional handling needed to push the part from the worktable onto the moving fusing machine conveyor belt. Overall handling time is reduced by 10- 20 %.
  • Unstable and elastic parts, or parts pre-cut for darts or pockets - all usually subject to shifting problems – can be loaded with no displacement.
  • Better machine utilisation and shorter processing times bring cost savings.



The loading belt must operate at high speed in order to complete its travel cycle within the available operator handling time. To accomplish its task, the work station belt must be many times faster than the speed of the belt on the fusing machine.

A transfer conveyor is therefore required between the loading station and the fusing machine for smooth transition. This transfer belt receives the part to be fused from the loading station at high speed but transfers it to the fusing machine at slow speed during the time the loading station belt is stopped for placement of the part. In order to ensure efficient transfer of the parts being fused, the electronic control of the transfer belt is linked to the speed control of the fusing machine. The transfer belt automatically adapts to any belt speed of the fusing machine. 



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