BRI-950 VC Collar and Lapel Finish Pressing Machine

BRI-950 VC Collar- and Lapel-Finish Pressing Machine
  • VC (Vertical Closing): Eliminates obstruction in the loading area during positioning / free visibility to the garment on the machine / no heat radiation to the operator / emergency stop function
  • Special buck design: perfect buck pressing for ladies` jackets and overcoats
  • User-friendly 5.7“ colour touch display
  • Suction in lower bucks individually activated: facilitates the positioning
  • Steam edge suction: prevents damage to previously finished pressing areas during the pressing process
  • Collar head suction including steam edge suction: escaped steam is sucked off into the head buck in order to avoid steam touching the garment outside of the pressing area / Increases quality when pressing highly sensitive fabrics
  • Maintenance-free distance control of the upper buck due to contact-free position sensoring: variable adjustment of the distance between the pressing shapes during the pressing process to avoid marks and shine on all types of fabric 


Special features of the machine


Heating system
Especially developed for the garment industry, our heating system saves energy costs up to 30 % and shortens the heatingup times of the ironing bucks.

Ironing bucks*
We provide a wide range of ironing bucks for you individual needs. The upper and lower bucks as well as the left and right ironing bucks are shaped perfectly through a special digital surface processing technique (CNC treatment).

Overlapping ironing
The special ironing buck design ensures that the entire surface area is covered and overlapped during the different pressing operations. This is especially important for finishing front and back parts, collar and shoulder parts (regardless of the size).

Insulated ironing bucks*
Our special insulation of the upper bucks helps to significantly reduce energy costs.

Covers for ironing bucks

The usage of highquality materials provide a long working-life and optimal ironing results.

Cover exchange function
Makes changing the covers a lot easier. For easy positioning of the top cover, the upper buck is moved to a distance setting. After adjusting the cover material, the upper buck is moved into the closing position. Now the cover material can be fastened. This function ensures a cover exchange free from creases.

Vertical adjustment of the machine*
The height of the machine is ergonomically adjustable and therefore provides a more efficient work place.

Adjustable pedal*
The pedal is ergonomically adjustable and therefore provides a more efficient work place.

Construction units and components
BRISAY uses only the highest-quality components, produced by internationally known manufacturers, to ensure the best reliability of the machines.

Power supply
All machines are ready for installation and connection to a central power supply (steam, exhaust and air). Steam traps are standard equipment.

Grid Plates*
A lot of machines can be equipped with grid plates instead of the standard cover. These have much longer life spans and ensure a consistent ironing quality since grid plates are virtually free from wear and tear.

Visual fault diagnosis system (VC Series)
For direct monitoring of electronic components without time-consuming trouble shooting.

Remote Control (VC Series)
Fast 400 Mhz control with colour display, ethernet, USB and WLAN interface. Remote control of machine possible. 5.7“ colour touch display.

eMotion - Energy saving system*

The eMotion system saves up to 40 % in energy, depend­ing on machine type and pressing buck.

* optional


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