THU 18.- SAT 20. October 2018 in the Zugspitze region / Germany

This is where the top players of the entire textiles production chain meet.

QGND - your platform for theoretical and hands-on knowhow!

You can look forward to:

  • top-class talks and highly interesting workshops
  • Networking in a relaxed atmosphere
  • top-class accompanying program

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20.-22.10.16 in the Zugspitze region / Germany

Speakers, topics and workshops QGND 2016:


„Private Label-Business – strategy, implementation and vision of designing a technical product“ (Roland Schuler, P&C, Member of Managment Committee)


„Sustainable textile auxiliaries and  dyes in the context of legal stipulations and market requirement“  (Andreas Bayer, CHT R. Beitlich, Head of Product Safety)


„What is the matter with fashion? Are people tired of fashion or tired of garments? What do our clients really want? WHERE and WHAT are we going to sell in future? Retail vs. E-Commerce“ (Mara Michel, futurize dietrendagentur Owner, VDMD President)


„Comparison of markets – How to select a potential production site“ (Günter Veit and Petra Gehlhaus, VEIT GmbH)


„Care symbols – correct labelling and effects“ (Birgit Jussen, Quality Matters)


„Sustainable processes in production plants“ (Dr. Dietrich Bock, Dr. Bock Industries AG)


„Organisational sustainability! Or is chaos theory the better option, after all?“ (Jörg Spoelstra, Wilvorst / Armin Griesbeck, Clinton)


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16.-18.10.14 in the Zugspitze region / Germany

Speakers and Topics QGND 2014:


„The global Garment Production System: Travelling Circus still or back to a "normal" industry" (Matthijs Crietee, Deputy Secretary General IAF)


„The End of Stinginess - Hooray for Quality! - Where are we heading? Is there a Trend back to Quality?"  Panel Discussion


„Sustainable Logistics by People for People“ (Leonhard Kiel, General Manager Spedition Barth)


„Social Business - Just Facebook for Companies, or a new Way of Corporate Collaboration“ (Joachim Hensch, President IACDE)


„Burning Heart not Burnout - 5 Elements for Wellbeing“ (Jacqueline & Jörg Walcher-Schneider, Olympic Finalist & Olympic-Chaplain)



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11.-13.10.12 in Starnberg/Germany

Speakers and Topics QGND 2012:


„High End Apparel 2015 - Challenges and possible solutions in purchasing high-end tailored women's wear" (Jan Hilger, Director Operations Formalwear, ESCADA SE)


„Optimisation of the entire textiles process: Discussion with suppliers of trimmings and fabrics" 


„Sustainability - and its effects in real life“ (Kilian Hochrein, Product Stewardship and Sustainability, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.)


„Intercultural competence: Challenges in working with "The Asians"“ (Molly Ng, Asian Expert, Eidam & Partner)


„Stay fit and energetic! Valuable tipps and effective motivation for a healthy and energetic life!“ (Bernd Fuchs, CEO, INJOY Fitness and Gesundheitsclub e.K., Germany)



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Participants’ feedback from the last QGND:


“The “QGND” event will become more and more important for the future and should therefore become a permanent feature in the industry.”

Creation Gross GmbH & Co. KG , Hans Loos, Technical Plant Manager


“It will be essential for the production process in the future to have an inter-company exchange of experience. With the QGND, we now have a communication platform for this.”

Wilvorst Herrenmoden GmbH, Jörg Speolstra, Technical Manager


“Finally an event that lives up to its promise.”

Eurodress GmbH , Angel Luis Merino, Technical Director




14. - 16.10.10 in Starnberg/Germany

Speakers and Topics QGND 2010:


„Lean Production in the garment industry - Experience from the implementation at Hugo Boss" (Dr. Sezai Kaya, Managing Director/CEO, Hugo Boss, Turkey)


„Sustainability through ecofriendly finishes" (Franz Alt, President, Freshtex Worldwide, Germany)


„From making fabrics to creating a style - 100 years of passion for fabrics and innovation“ (Andrea Perino, graduated in textile engineering, Ermenegildo Zegna, Italy)


„Sewing quality starts with the sewing thread“ (Anita Buzengeiger-Mahncke, Head Of Sewing Advisory And Product Service, AMANN GROUP, Germany)


„The three fields of life energy“ (Bernd Fuchs, CEO INJOY Fitness and Gesundheitsclub e.K., Germany)



8 on the Balearic island of Mallorca

Speakers and Topics QGND 2008:


"Knowledge databases" (Peter Werminghaus, BTI Gesellschaft für Beratung)


"Quality starts during fusing" (Dipl.-Ing. Axel Baumanns, VEIT GmbH)


"Process reliability during sewing" (Dipl-Ing. Bernd Hillenbrand, Fa. Groz-Beckert)


"Application of RFID" (Uwe Quide, Kaufhof AG)


"Garment Finishing" (Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Paas, Hochschule Niederrhein)


"Fit with permanent stress" (Jörg & Anna Scheiderbauer, Mountain Bike Profis & Manager Team)


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