Welcome to your expert for ironing, fusing and pressing of garments and fabrics!

The VEIT Group is worldwide the leading manufacturer of ironing equipment, fusing machines, underpressing and final pressing machines as well as refinishing equipment for garments.

When you demand excellence, why not turn to the most trusted names in the industry? The VEIT-Group, the quality alternative!

Our product range: From ironing tables and steam generators to high-pressure steam irons; from fusing machines to hot and cold 3-dimensional form finishers; from tunnel systems to computer controlled robotic pressing machines, you can always rely on the products from the VEIT-Group to deliver results. All of our products are designed to achieve the highest fusing and finishing quality with minimal processing times, and they’re known to be top-quality, long-lasting and trouble-free products.

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Our customers include well-known clothing manufacturers, textile refinishers, textile care and dry-cleaning companies, laundries and automotive interior suppliers. From Argentina to Vietnam and 100 points in between, products from the Veit-Group are used across the globe: a sure indicator of the quality and variety of what we have to offer.


We specialize in fabric finishing (the ironing and pressing of fabrics), bonding of fabrics and other materials as well as electric steam generators and attachments.

Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of services including informative seminars, hands on training and the planning and construction of steam, vacuum and compressed air facilities for all types of industries (garment manufacturing and refinishing, automotive, food services, etc.).

Partner with us for excellent results.

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