VEIT Press clippings: “Best Machine Supplier 2019”

VEIT GmbH receives Hugo Boss Award: “Best Machine Supplier 2019”

The OPEX Day took place on 27 September 2019 in Izmir at Hugo Boss. At this event, VEIT GmbH was honoured as the best machine supplier in 2019.

For the Hugo Boss Award at the OPEX Day in Izmir, Hugo Boss evaluated machine suppliers for product and service performance in terms of cost, service, delivery, quality and sustainability. VEIT GmbH from Landsberg am Lech won the award for the best machine supplier with a total rating of 82%.

The managing directors Günter and Christopher Veit are happy, “this year the OPEX Day was a very special event for us”. In addition to the award, VEIT GmbH was also honoured for 20 years of partnership with Hugo Boss.

“Pressing for Excellence” is the corporate slogan of the VEIT Group. In addition, the motto is “LOVEIT” which is a wordplay of “love it” or “love VEIT”. In the words of VEIT Group President Günter Veit: “Our motto stands for the passion that we have for the engineering of our products, our love of perfection and our devotion to our customers. This is the basis of their trust in our products.”