VEIT Press Release, From Professionals for Professionals

By professionals for professionals: Shirt intensive workshop with Miele, Kreussler and VEIT in the VEIT Academy

September 2019 – The shirt is an indispensable part of professional and private life, and the shirt service has reached unprecedented dimensions in textile care. In order to demonstrate to dry cleaners and washers how they can meet their customers´high quality demands with optimum time and cost efficiency, they were invited by the three textile care specialists Miele, Kreussler and VEIT to an intensive workshop at the VEIT Academy in Landsberg am Lech on 3 September, where everything revolved around shirt care. The offer was rounded off by the presentation of financial support possibilities.

The Miele, Kreussler and VEIT brand three-man team covers the entire spectrum from washing to finishing for perfect shirt care: The latest machine technology in the washing machine and dryer sector as well as innovative finishing equipment for every size of business and requirement, and the right products and processes to wash shirts of every kind cleanly, efficiently, thoroughly and gently. The morning of the workshop was dedicated to the theoretical basics: Miele presented the technical highlights of the latest generation of machines. The “Little Giants”, for example, are particularly suitable for cleaning textiles which, although they also provide a permanent shirt service, do not have to process extremely large quantities. Kreussler presented suitable products and washing processes, such as classic laundry for white and colored shirts, but also the wet cleaning system invented by Kreussler in cooperation with Miele, which is suitable for extremely sensitive shirts made of silk or wool blends. In addition to the stain removal bases, examples of how to calculate the cost of detergents per shirt were also shown. VEIT naturally focussed on the different shirt finishers, explaining the purpose of each model and how a cost calculation can be carried out. As a surprise guest, LS-Consult, an energy and materials handling specialist, gave interesting tips for the procurement of materials handling equipment, which met with lively interest.

After an exciting tour of the company, the afternoon was devoted entirely to practice: Shirts were washed with Kreussler products in a Miele washing machine provided by Miele Professional Partner ZIMTEC from Andernach, together with a suitable dryer, and then processed on the various finishing machines. The guests were able to see the all-round solutions offered by the three textile care professionals Miele, Kreussler and VEIT, from the hands-on dosing system to the programming of the washing programmes, the fabric handle and smell of the freshly washed shirts and the flawlessly smooth end products. Many interested questions and enthusiastic feedback at the end of the day confirmed the 360° concept of the hosts; in the future there will be further intensive workshops on other topics in this constellation.