VEIT Press release: Innovations in the Corona Crisis

Landsberg 07 of September 2020

VEIT GmbH – Innovations in the Corona Crisis
Machine manufacturer based in Landsberg develops air cleaner

The family-owned company VEIT has been the world’s leading producer of ironing technology for over 60 years. The product range extends from classic ironing tables, ironing presses and fusing machines to automated systems such as tunnel finishers and bagging machines.

Decline in sales and short-time work – rethinking at VEIT

„Massive drop in sales in connection with the Covid-19 virus combined with immediate short-time work quickly prompted us to rethink“, report the managing directors Günter and Christopher Veit. The VEIT GmbH has changed its mind and already in March developed a hands-free door opener “Handz3” (Hands-Free), with which you can operate doors, buttons and switches of different kinds without having direct contact. You can find more information under

„The current pandemic situation explicitly shows how important such targeted measures in the areas of hygiene are. The minimization of aerosol pollution, especially in busy rooms, makes a significant contribution“, explains Christopher Veit. „Particularly with rising number of persons, the pollution of the ambient air by viruses and bacteria constantly increases.“ The latest development of VEIT GmbH are the VEIT air cleaners in two sizes to clear the room air from viruses and bacteria – VEIT AC 10 and AC 20.

VEIT Air Cleaner – Clean room air from bacteria and viruses

The new air cleaners from VEIT enable air disinfection by ultraviolet radiation and thus offer the possibility to create a not only physiologically valuable room climate. UV-C radiation can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air. With the reduction of the germ load, the risk of infection of the respiratory tract also decreases.

A powerful fan directs the room air through a dust filter into the system disinfected along the UV-C lamps. After the process the cleaned air is returned to the environment. Your advantage is that you can do it without chemical additives. The associated negative influences (e.g. formation of odors, residues on surfaces, etc.) are eliminated. Application areas are offices & meeting rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, gastronomy, public common rooms, production facilities, sales rooms and much more.

VEIT AC – Air cleaning systems are available for ceiling mounting or as mobile standalone units, depending on the size of the room and the respective room use.

  • VEIT AC 10 is suitable for smaller rooms and can rid the air in rooms up to 30m² (depending on the room height) of viruses and bacteria.
  • VEIT AC 20 is suitable for a large room volume and can rid the air in rooms up to 120m² (depending on the room height) of viruses and bacteria.

The advantages of both devices are low purchase costs, low maintenance and operating costs, up to 99 % of germs are killed, flexible placement and application possibilities due to two product sizes and the whole – Made in Germany. The lamps used for disinfection have an effective duration of approx. 9000 working hours. When used 24 hours a day, this enables purified indoor air for a whole year. The lamps can then be replaced quickly and easily for the next cleaning period.

Even if the pandemic ends very quickly, the VEIT management currently expects only a gradual increase in the core business, because clothing must first be purchased before anyone needs new machines to produce clothing.