Air Cleaner AC 20

Clean room air from viruses and bacteria

Suitable for rooms up to 160m² (depending on the room height)

The new air cleaner AC 20 from VEIT enables you to disinfect air by ultraviolet radiation (UV-C). It offers you the possibility to create a physiologically valuable room climate. With the help of UV-C radiation, up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air can be eliminated.

A powerful fan guides the room air through a dust filter into the system and disinfects along the UV-C lamps. After the process, the cleaned air is returned to the environment. Your advantage is that you can do without chemical additives. The associated negative influences (e.g. formation of odors, build-back on surfaces, etc.) are eliminated.


  • Low acquisition costs
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • High efficiency
  • Flexible application possibilities
  • Continuous operation possible
  • Made in Germany
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