Iron Soles

Iron soles allow an optimal adjustment of the iron to the respective garment

The teflon coating prevents shine and helps the iron to glide smoothly. Evenly spaced holes ensure a constant flow of steam. With the safety sole and the various frame piles, the steam quality can be adapted according to your needs.

VEIT Metal Frame Sole

The solid aluminium framed sole gives a snug fit. The teflon frame sole reduces the surface temperature by approx. 40°C. Available for:

  • VEIT HP 2003
  • VEIT HS 2003

VEIT Safety Sole

The safety sole using the steam chamber principle is made of stainless steel. Various frame plies improve the steam quality and regulate the contact temperature. The additional wire mesh ensures the very soft spread of steam.

Teflon Frame Sole and Brush for VEIT Hand Finisher 2157

Standard equipment includes layers of aerofitt and stainless steel to provide micro fine steam. The teflon frame sole removes creases without shine marks on flat materials. The brush is used for napped and sensitive fabrics.

  • With layers
  • Brush hard
  • Brush soft