Back Centre- and Side Seam Pressing Machine BRI 585 VC


Back centre- and side seam pressing machine (incl. iron BRI 1)


  • VC (Vertical Closing): Eliminates obstruction in the loading area during positioning / free visibility to the garment on the machine / no heat radiation to the operator / emergency stop function
  • Vertical head buck closing: Transfers even distribution of pressure onto the entire pressing surface and prevents displacement of the garment on the machine
  • 3 special lower bucks: Optimal buck design
  • User-friendly 5.7“ colour touch display
  • Steam edge suction: Prevents damage to previously finished press­ing areas
  • Separate suction in the 3 lower bucks: Facilitates the positioning
  • Fine suction: Quick positioning and opening of seams
  • Deposit for front parts: Facilitates the positioning and aligning of the garment to be pressed