Air Cleaner AC 10 / AC 20:
Our response to viruses and bacteria

Viruses and bacteria chemically-free combatting

The new VEIT Air Cleaner enables you to disinfect air by ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) and offers you the possibility to create a physiologically valuable room climate. With the support of UV-C radiation, up to 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses in the air can be eliminated.*

Using a powerful fan, the room air is fed through a dust filter into the system and disinfected along the UV-lamps. After the process the cleaned air is returned to the environment.

Approved function

Together with the accredited test laboratory “HYGCEN Germany” the effectiveness of our VEIT Air Cleaner AC 10 was confirmed.

The inactivation rate is 99.9% (log3).

Your benefits

  • Low acquisition costs
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • High efficiency
    (up to 99.9% of bacteria are killed)
  • Without chemicals
  • Odour neutralisation of the air
  • Flexible placement and application possibilities
  • Continuous operation possible
  • Made in Germany


  • UV-C is ultraviolet radiation below 280 nm wavelength, which is not visible to the human eye

  • Germs, viruses and spores are reliably reduced and hygiene and storage conditions are improved

  • UV-C has the biggest effect at a wavelength of 254 nm. This is the range of the UV-C lamps we use (low-pressure lamps, service life approx. 9,000 hours)

Areas of application

  • office & meeting rooms
  • waiting rooms & treatment rooms
  • guest rooms
  • public common rooms
  • production facilities
  • salesrooms
  • and much more

Technical Details - General

  • Case: stainless steel (rustproof) with powder coating and a front cover with air grille for air inlet and outlet on both sides

  • Case interior: Contains germicidal UV-C lamps

  • Human health: Due to the design of the device, UV-C rays are harmless to health and cannot cause skin or eye irritation

  • Fan: a powerful fan guides the airflow through a dust filter (filter flow) into the system and  disinfects along the UV-C lamps to clean it of germs and viruses

  • UV-C-lamps: The air is sterilized by the UV-C lamps. The clean air is returned (without contamination) to the environment


Technical Details - AC 10

Technical Details - New model AC 20

Comparison of AC 10 and AC 20




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Your health is important to us

With the AC – series you can clean the air 24 hours 7 days a week, because the UV-C radiation does not escape from the housing. We can ensure this by means of our intensive tests and measurements in our R&D development laboratory.

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*VEIT Airclean systems reduce the aerosol load of the room air, but do not replace the recommended infection protection measures, but should be used as part of
  an overall infection protection concept.