The "hands-free" door opener

The new Handz3 (Hands Free) - Avoid contact with viruses

Health ministries around the world currently advise avoiding direct contact with people and maintaining a minimum distance. Also handles, switches & buttons – thus almost everything we touch in everyday life can be a focus for viruses and bacteria.

To protect colleagues, friends and family, we have developed this simple door opener, which allows you to move around in public without any contact.

See for yourself.

Waste bins & sanitary facilities

Open, close or pull? No problem for the new Handz3. Move as fas as possible contactless in public sanitary facilities. With the Handz3 you can open and close them easily, lift toilet covers and last but not least, the tip can be used to flush without scratching surfaces.

Door handles & knobs

With the Handz3 you can open doors without contact: Closed doors with door handles up to freezer doors in the supermarket. Even subway doors can be opened easily. In addition, the Handz3 offers you the possibility for contactless holding in public transport.

Switches & Pin Boards

Thanks to the rubberized tip you can easily operate various switches (elevator, bus & train, light & blades, etc.) without contact. Avoid direct contact with pinboards at the cash desk or ATM with the Handz3.

Save now

The Handz3 is now available on eBay or at shop@handz3.com (incl. tax / excl. shipping costs):


We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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