Steam Generator VEIT SG67


When Flexibility meets Perfection …


With their high-quality workmanship, VEIT steam generators are suitable for non-stop operation in a very wide range of industrial applications.

This small electro steam generator SG67 is designed for continous operation in the following industrial applications:


When Flexibility meets Perfection …

Taking SteamGenerators to the next level: VEIT SG67 Advantages

  • Adjustable steam quality:
    select dry or moist steam for processing different types of product
  • Easy access for maintenance and servicing
  • Stainless steel boiler for applications with special hygiene requirements
  • Direct water connection without additional container:
    automatic refilling, no additional space needed
  • Longer operating hours without refilling due to enlarged container capacity
  • Integrated locking castors for flexible mobility on site
  • Can be used with distilled water and with reverse osmosis water
  • Automatic cleaning system with VEIT SteamClean keeps the unit clean and extends the components’ lifespan
  • Safe automatic filling avoids running dry and thus makes venting redundant
  • Operation with distilled water and reverse osmosis water possible:
    no blow down required in this case
  • Versatile connections for up to two workplaces, steam reheaters and spotting tables
  • Integrated iron connections for safe and comfortable connection of up to two units
  • Top facing valve for blow-down:
    more ergonomic user friendliness with bigger distance to hot steam
  • More power on less space due to small dimensions

The VEIT eMotion package is based on 3 columns:

  • Energy savings through pre-heated feedwater
  • Reduced air-conditioning costs thanks to extremely low heat radiation of machine
  • The reduced heat radiation creates a pleasant work environment with satisfied employees and little absenteeism

VEIT Control

The VEIT Control Unit provides a choice between three power levels. By selecting more or less humid steam for different product groups, customized settings are perfectly easy to implement.

In combination with the SteamClean cleaning agent, the automatic cleaning cycle replaces the daily blow-down procedure and protects the boiler against calcification and corrosion for a long time.

When Innovation meets Functionality …

... it is „Taking SteamGenerators to the next level“

Three performance levels

with steam capacities from 3 to 9 kg per hour

  • 2.2 kW – 230 V for 3.0 kg steam/h, one connection, e. g. for one iron
  • 4.4 kW – 400 V for 6.0 kg steam/h, two connections, e. g. for two irons
  • 6.6 kW – 400 V for 9.0 kg steam/h, two connections, e. g. for two AS-irons, very short heating time

4.4 kW – This version is available as Cleaning - version with Cleaning programme and a choice of power levels.

All these versions are also available with a ball valve which can be used with all-steam irons or other steam units.




SteamClean Agent

For steam generator SG67 / 4.4 kW
with Cleaning programme and a choice of power levels.



Binding agent to remove lime.


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