VEIT: Pressing for Excellence

VEIT is the epitome of quality, efficiency and service

The VEIT Group with its head office in Landsberg, Germany, is worldwide the leading manufacturer of ironing equipment, fusing machines, pressing machines as well as refinishing equipment for garments.

For more than 60 years, VEIT Group products have been models of outstanding quality and maximum efficiency. Garment manufacturers, interior, refinishers, laundry shops, textile care and dry cleanings shops rely on VEIT technologies, laundry equipment and pressing maschines made in germany, just like customers from the automotive industry and logistics companies.


Laundry equipment, core competences and customers

Product range
Our product range covers anything from ironing tables with hand-irons and steam generators to ironing presses, form finishers, shirt finishers and fusing machines. It also includes automated units such as tunnel finishers and bagging machines. We have a wide range of ironing machines in different versions in our range.

Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of services both on-site and in-house at VEIT, including informative ironing seminars and hands-on training.

Core competences
We specialize in fabric finishing (the ironing and pressing of fabrics), smoothening as well as bonding of fabrics and other materials up to steam generation.

Customers and markets
Our customers include well-known clothing manufacturers, textile refinishers, textile care and dry-cleaning companies, laundry shops and automotive interior suppliers. Products from the VEIT Group are used in more than 100 countries across the globe: a sure indicator of the quality and variety of what we have to offer.

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