VEIT Management:

Continuing in third generation

We focus on the individual

At VEIT, it is our top priority to get better in a team, as a team. Our actions are based on our seven management principles: appreciation, solutions-focused approached, training/coaching, commitment, honesty, healthy relations/empathy and the VEIT-Vision.


VEIT GmbH´s management consists of two members and is responsible for the strategic guidance to the corporate group worldwide.

Günter Veit
Group President
(Main responsibility: Sales, Finance)

  • 1990 Management was handed over to Günter Veit from his father, Reinhardt Veit
  • Joined VEIT GmbH in 1975

Christopher Veit
Managing Director
(Main responsibility: Research & Development, Materials Management, Manufacturing, Quality Management, Human Resources, Sales)

  • Managing Director since 2014
  • Joined VEIT GmbH in 2011


The four members of the executive circle consult for the top management and fulfil important roles in the company.

Marc Baberuxki
Financial Director, Prokurist

  • Executive Member since 2018
  • Joined VEIT GmbH in 2017

Sascha Oehl
Director Technology & Innovation

  • Executive member since 2017
  • Joined VEIT GmbH in 2009

Jürgen Frank
Head of Production & Logistics and Service

  • Executive member since 2005
  • Joined VEIT GmbH in 1991