Interior Finisher VEIT 8660




Flexible integration

The VEIT 8660 Interior Finisher can be set up as an independent operation or incorporated into an existing production line. Depending on the flow of goods and type of parts, the machine can be set to manual or automatic operation. Available working width 39,4 inch Weight 2643 lbs; 3x400 V; 4.5 kW WxLxH 74 x 207 x 69 inch

Loading Station

The parts are loaded across the entire width of the conveyor belt for transport to the steam unit. This can be done manually or via an automated loading system.

Steam Unit

The parts are evenly sprayed with the steam to relax the fibers and enhance the appearance of the surface material. The steam values (pressure, temperature, volume) are fully adjustable depending on the type of material being processed. The steam spraying direction can also be selected either from the top or from the bottom of the steam chamber.

Finishing Unit

The finishing unit consists of a twinfan system and a large heating coil. The air volume and temperature are fully adjustable depending on the type of material being processed.

Unloading Station

The parts can be unloaded manually or via an automated unloading system. When the Finisher is incorporated into an existing production line, the unloading station may not be required.

The Electronic Control Unit

The high-tech control unit consists of potentiometers, and a keypad with visual illustration including pictograms and illuminating diodes. The cycles are shown to the exact second on the digital display. The following parameters can be set:

  • Dwell time of steam and air
  • Air temperature
  • Air volume
  • Belt speed for continuous or indexed operation
  • Lifetime and re-settable piece counter
  • Optional password protected keypad
  • Optional language selection


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