VEIT Group: Corporate Philosophy


We are committed to engineering, producing and selling innovative products and services designed to the entire satisfaction of our international customers in the textile industry and to thus ensure the continued existence of our company. We are a highly specialized manufacturer of high-end machines, innovative plants and procedures for textile finishing. As such, each and every day, we can prove that our innovations and our strategic entrepreneurship promotes our customers‘ success all over the world.

Supplying excellent

Our products must functionally and technologically provide the requested benefit and be of outstanding quality and attractive design.

Inspiring our customers

We strive for successful co-operation with our customers through future-oriented, qualified and reliable business conduct.

Living innovation

Strategic in-house development improves our productivity and performance.

Developing staff

We want our staff to have a chance to grow both in their job qualifications and in their personalities. They will in turn ensure corporate success through their commitment and initiative.

Leading cooperatively

We pursue a cooperative management style and ensure fair working conditions to promote the job satisfaction and the qualification of our staff.

Showing responsibility

Our responsible conduct aims at enhancing the strive for democracy and supports social market economy.

Perspective 2025

“We want to enlarge our business activities through innovation and expansion into neighbouring business fields while bringing the main business a little closer to Europe.”

“We want to contribute to innovative and pragmatic long-term solutions of social problems and to create social and ecological added value thanks to our VEIT core products.”

Günter and Christopher Veit, President