Responsibility: VEIT´s sustainability

Sustainable Management

Handing over from father to son through three generations, that is what sustainability means to us for our family-run business based in Landsberg, Germany – for more than 60 years now. We found the secret of success a long time ago: dealing respectfully and responsibly with our staff, with our resources and with our corporation.

VEIT´s sustainability- Thinking of tomorrow, each and every day

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. Environmentally-friendly products and processes, now and in the future, are at the centre of our attention. We co-operate with our customers to look ahead. We are in a exchange of ideas to optimize our machines for you, our customers:

  • by continuously developing innovative finishing technology
  • by selecting recyclable product components
  • by making our products energy-efficient


For us at VEIT, long-term, sustainable economic activity is more important than reaping quick profits. We strive for profitability and competitiveness only within the context of a respectful interaction with mankind and nature.

As a family-run company, VEIT does not measure its success only in terms of profit and growth. Rather, we consider the appreciation of our staff, business partners, and competitors as well as an active social commitment to the local surroundings to be the basis of our business activities.


We continuously improve our products. We reduce the consumption of energy and of all the resources used in manufacturing and operation our products.

By running a photovoltaic system an a combined heat and power unit, we reduce our annual CO2 emission by more than 400 tones

Social commitment

We are highly committed to providing purposeful support to selected organisations.

These are some of the institutions we have supported so far:

Quality - We are committed to value-for-money and reliability

VEIT is certified according to ISO 9001 standards and is an eptiome of outstanding quality. Our continual improvement process ensures the best possible quality. We constantly press for excellence for your benefit.

You can rely on us to

  • run comprehensive initial tests
  • constantly monitor and
  • continuously improve

The entire corporation has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

VEIT eMotion

Our integrated eMotion concept was our top priority in designing and developing the new generation of machines. You will sustainably benefit from minimising the use of resources in your production process.