Ironing 101 - Base Seminar

Ironing 101 - Base Seminar

VEIT offers seminars providing Foundation Knowledge About Finishing. In small groups (8-14 participants), professionals with many years of experience transfer their theoretical and practical knowledge. You benefit from professional ironing results.

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Topics: Anything from gaining know-how about fabrics and ironing techniques to methods of textile finishing – we are happy to focus on your main interests in our seminars.

Target group: These ironing seminars are particularly suited for tailor shops, garment producers and textile refinishing companies.

Venue: VEIT ironing seminars are held in our showrooms in Landsberg am Lech, Germany

Fee: €205.- per participant. The fee includes comprehensive documentation of the seminar as well as food and drinks (lunch and coffee breaks).

Certificate: Each participant will receive a certificate at the end of the seminar.

Seminars Content


  • What is 3-dimensional finishing ?
  • How much money can be saved with
    finishing ?
  • Overview of form finishers.
  • Overview of trouser toppers.
  • Overview of tunnel finishers.
  • Overview of fusing machines.


  • Factory planning.
  • Work-process, flow diagnosis and
  • Seminars for target groups.
  • Energy systems planning, installation and improvement.

How to achieve the highest consistent quality?

  • The advantage of vertical pressing.
  • What is 'Distance Pressing'?
  • Overview of presses.

Foundation Knowledge about Finishing

  • Quality – the key to success in the garment industry
  • The different influencing factors for the finishing process
  • Basics about the finishing process
  • The secret formula of a high quality finish
  • Understanding suction and blowing
  • Why do we need different steam and temperatures?
  • How do we generate a different steam quality?
  • Which finish applies to the different fabrics?

Hand Ironing

  • Different kinds of irons and when to use them
  • Different iron shoes and when to use them
  • Methods of hand ironing in under pressing
  • Methods of hand ironing in finishing
  • How to avoid shine and seam impressions?
  • What you should know about ironing micro fiber, silk and viscose?
  • How to iron knitwear?
  • Central steam or individual boilers?
  • Why do I need a building block system for tables?
  • What is the right cover system for my table?
  • Reasons for condensate in ironing tables.
  • Different ironing bucks and when to use them.
  • Basic maintenance of ironing work places.
  • Overview about hand ironing products.

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