REWERO: “An investment in the future”

The traditional company “REWERO Hans Hüpfel KG” in Wuppertal-Ronsdorf, invests in new ironing technology despite the Corona slump and thus sets the course for the future. Optimism in difficult times that gives hope.

When you hear Wuppertal, you probably first think of the suspension railway. But Wuppertal is much more. Already at the beginning of industrialisation, numerous textile companies, such as bath knitting mills and dye works, settled in the then still independent districts of Wuppertal and decisively shaped the economic development of this area. This was also the case in the district of Ronsdorf, which lies in the so-called Bergisches Land. And it was precisely in such a dye works that grandfather Jakob Hüpfel found work after the Second World War. Jakob Hüpfel’s father had already worked as a dyer and cleaner in his homeland in the German-speaking Banat. So textile care is in the Hüpfels’ blood. Due to the good future prospects for the textile industry, Jakob Hüpfel’s son, Hans Hüpfel, decided to study textile engineering, which he successfully completed in 1953. But then things turned out differently. Together with his parents Jakob and Elisabeth and his wife Emmy, Hans Hüpfel set up his own cleaning and dyeing business in Ronsdorf in 1955. After moving to the current premises in Marktstraße, the company was given its name “REWERO Hans Hüpfel KG” in 1960, which is still valid today. In 1978, son Hans-Peter joined his parents’ business and took over the management in 1994 together with his wife Susanne. “Actually, we didn’t want to invest any more,” reveals the man in his late fifties, slightly mischievous. If only his son Maurice hadn’t discovered his passion for his parents’ cleaning business after studying marketing. Now, of course, things look different. “For us, this is clearly an investment in the future. And VEIT is now accompanying him on this path with new ironing technology. The universal finisher, trouser topper and trouser press were getting on in years and now had to be replaced. In addition to the finish quality, important decision criteria for Hüpfels were competent support in sales and application technology, quality “Made in Germany”, reliable spare parts supply and a factory customer service for emergencies. Because their business is also characterised towards their customers by uncompromising quality and personal customer proximity and is known for this far beyond the local borders. Set up by the VEIT customer service and trained by the VEIT application technician (master textile cleaner), the change was made quickly and without any problems. It is clear that as a family business, the Hüpfel family does most of the work themselves. Here, the trousers are still pressed by the boss himself and the crease is positioned razor-sharp. “The new machines work great,” says son Maurice, who will soon continue his training to become a textile cleaner so that the fourth generation can continue to run the traditional Ronsdorf business with the same quality and professional competence.

“Of course, you don’t just make such an investment at the present time,” Hans-Peter Hüpfel admits openly. Because in Ronsdorf, too, sales are “running away” due to Corona. But if you want to have a bright future, you have to set the course today.

“Have a good trip, Hüpfel family.