Ironing Table Coolset DB S

The all-rounder for all kinds of garments

Your benefits:

  • Inexpensive basic model
  • Wide range of different ironing table versions
  • Easy to integrate in any operation process

Powerful VEIT cold suction with a 700 watt motor – Made in Germany!


  • LadiesĀ“ wear narrow: point of surface is 300 mm wide
  • LadiesĀ“ wear small: point of surface is 240 mm wide

Ergonomic working:

  • Optional increase of the ironing surface with height adapter 90 mm
  • Adjustable suction to fix the garment in place

Cover system

  • The two layer cover system provides for a constant suction power over the whole ironing surface
  • High-quality cover materials for universal use in underpressing and finish


  • Selection of additional ironing shapes

Other Variants