Laminating Machine LM

Gentle laminating of flexible materials

With its new LM laminating machine, VEIT has the ideal solution for gentle laminating of flexible materials, such as leather, textiles, foils etc. with foam, felt, non-woven or knit materials. In addition to cuts, LM can be equipped with a roll-off/roll-on device for yard goods.


  • Permanently perfectly aligned and displacement-free bonding.
  • The desired surface feel of the fabric can be obtained by applying different coating materials.
  • The coating of leather closes the pores and prevents foam from penetrating to the other side of the material when the goods are frothed up.
  • Adjustable vertical clearance.
  • Specially designed flexible spring-mounted heating zone with an adjustable heating zone radius to get the perfect settings for each material.
  • Continuous roll-through: Compared to usual sliding table presses, processing times are reduced by 30 to 40%.
  • Optional production data capturing for process reliability, quality control and output evaluation.
  • Upgrade to a complete production line by adding an active cooling module, a stacker and/or longer loading systems.
  • Start-Stop function for the loading belt by foot pedal, to allow alternating between continuous and cyclic operation.
  • Optional automatic cleaning function of the upper transport and cover belt to remove glue residue.
  • Optimized insulation to minimize energy loss and operator impairment through heat radiation.
  • The LM is available in the following versions:
    • LM 10 (working width 1000 mm)
    • LM 14 (working width 1400 mm)
    • LM 14 L (working width 1400 mm, extended heating zone)
    • LM 16 (working width 1600 mm)
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